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About us-大阳城贵宾会2017

  Hebei HENGDU Air Conditioning Equipment Co.Ltd.,based on the national energy-saving and emission reduction strategy plan,is committed to environmental protection,energy saving,healthy living environment,high-quality air-conditioning systems with nonharmful refrigerants and fossil energy,actively promote separated temperature and humidity control technology,provide accurate temperature and humidity control solution,specialized in environmentally-friendly air conditioning system design,production,construction and related technical services.

  Conmmitted to customer demand,for enterprises,businesses,industrial plants,public facilities and home owners,HENGDU provides high quality products and best services of customized air conditioning.

  HENGDU demonstrated strong technical strength,by experts of the national "Thousand Talents Plan",Carleton University tenured professor Dr.Junjie Gu,a recognized leading scientist,with many years in air conditioning technology research,equipment development,and product commercialization